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About J.E. Williams

Born in 1949, J. E. Williams spent his childhood in a farming community of New England. Nature fascinated him from an early age and he spent as much time as he could alone in the woods with trees and animals. By the age of twelve he had already read Thoreau and Darwin. His passion was to become a wildlife biologist and naturalist-writer. However, after attending the University of Alaska, he decided that direct experience was as valuable as classroom learning.

In 1967, he lived with the Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea. Since then he has shared part of his life with indigenous tribes, medicine men, and shamans. While in the Artic, in a series of visions, he realized that a new, deeply mystical, eco-spiritual path was emerging. Born from the indigenous traditions of North and South America, it emphasizes balanced emotions, ethical discipline, wholesome conduct, and thoughtful discernment.

He began his journeys in Peru in 1996. His current work with the Q’ero in the Peruvian Andes includes building projects, education, and community health. He has been initiated into the traditional shamanic lineage of the Q’ero and is an adopted family member. In 2010, he founded AyniGLOBAL, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting indigenous culture, environment, and intellectual rights.

In the 1970s, he continued studies in health and medicine, earning his doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 1985. He has over twenty-five years of experience practicing integrative medicine and is an internationally known expert in viral immunity. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and articles on sustainable medicine, ethnobotany, and biodiversity. His books include: Viral Immunity, Prolonging Health, Beating the Flu, The Andean Codex and Light of the Andes on Peruvian Shamanism, and Winter Rain, a book of poetry. He teaches at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Division of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, and NOVA Southeastern University.

After 28 years in California, he now lives along the Gulf of Mexico in southern Florida, but spends much of his time in the Peruvian upper Amazon and Andes among traditional indigenous shamans where he continues non-profit work and teaches Earth-based wisdom and heart-centered spirituality.

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Other Books by Dr. J.E. Williams

Peruvian Shamanism Books by J. E. Williams

The Andean Codex

Adventures and Initiations Among the Peruvian Shamans

Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 2005

You are invited to accompany the author on a journey of self-transformation. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the ancient stone streets of Cuzco, and into the Andean peaks to the land of the Q’ero Indians and the Mountain of Stars. This unforgettable account provides the reader with an insider’s view of esoteric Peru and offers a rare opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a shaman and experience the Andean sacred way in a manner appropriate to our times.

Natural Medicine Books & Programs by J. E. Williams

Beating the Flu

The Natural Prescription for Surviving Pandemic Influenza and Bird Flu

Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 2006

Dr. Williams offers a “natural medicine cabinet” of vitamins, herbs, and minerals that work best against any kind of flu—along with the clinical evidence to back up the remedies—and not only tells you how to treat pandemic influenza, but how to avoid it altogether through a combination of good hygiene and super foods that offer the boosts your immune system needs to ward off the virus.

Viral Immunity

A 10-Step Plan to Enhance Your Immunity Against Viral Disease Using Natural Medicines

Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 2002

In 10 practical steps, this book shows you how to develop unassailable immunity against viral disea ses. If you already have a viral infection, these steps will help you reverse its effects; if you’re concerned about exposure to one in the future, these steps will give you the keys to prevention.

Prolonging Health

Mastering the 10 Factors of Longevity

Hampton Roads Publishing Co., 2002

This book shows there’s no reason you can’t live beyond 100. Based on the latest medical findings, Dr. Williams presents a practical, 10-point plan to prolong your health by understanding and changing the ten major causes of aging.

The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program

with Kevin Gianni at Renegade Health 2011

This program is a system for reading blood tests and improving levels, you'll be able to determine just exactly what diet and supplements work for you. The most common health issues and markers are made super-easy to understand by graphically representing them using awesome infographics. The program includes tips on diet, supplements, and lifestyle suggestions to bring you into optimal ranges. It's the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand program ever created on blood testing for optimal health.

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